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“Ferns in art convey the idea of solitary humility, frankness and sincerity, because they conceal their grace and beauty in forest depth” - Ferguson.

- First true land plants.
- In the plant kingdom, pteridophytes occupy a position in between Bryophytes and Gymnosperms.
- They have roots, stem and leaves; but no flowers, seeds and fruits.
- Photosynthesis and reproduction is through leaves.
- Habitat: Forest floors, rock crevices, river banks and on tree trunks as epiphytes.
- Diversity: World – 13,000 spp. of ferns in 586 genera in 35 families.
- Classification and identification is based on leaf pattern, spore pattern and arrangement, based on presence or absence of a flap like covering called indusium, pattern of vein formation called venation, etc.,

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Adiantum philippense,
Adiantum raddianum,
Aleuritopteris farinosa....

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Lygodium microphyllum,
Lygodium flexuosum,
Lindsaea ensifolia....

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Sphenomeris chinensis,
Selaginella delicatula,
Tectaria coadunata....

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Petridophytes are vascular cryptogams and form neglected group in biodiversity studies. It forms a conspicuous element of vegetation all over the surface of earth. India is one among the twelve mega centers. Eastern Himalayas and Western Ghats are two hotspots for ferns in India. Our team is exploring the biodiversity of these ferns in the Western Ghat region especially the belts of Kudremukh National Park, regions of Dakshinna Kannada and Udupi District.